Rose Water

Rose Water

Discover the versatile beauty benefits of Meisma Organic Rose Water!

The rose is considered the noblest of all flowers: admired by people throughout history for its beauty and enchanting fragrance, it is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. Meisma Naturkosmetik has harnessed its unique properties. Our clients wouldn't miss rose water in their beauty routine and use this natural all-rounder for their skin and hair every day.

What is Meisma Rose Water?

Meisma Rose Water is a by-product obtained during the double steam distillation of rose oil. In technical terms, it's also known as "rose hydrosol," a condensate containing natural ingredients like essential oils that give rose water its positive effects and lovely scent.

Only organic Damask roses (rosa damascena) from Bulgaria, meticulously hand-picked, are used for Meisma Rose Water.

The Beauty Benefits of Meisma Rose Water:

Rose water helps with troubled skin: Rose water soothes the skin and can help reduce blemishes. It's a gentle solution for a clearer complexion.

Rose water banishes puffy eyes: Tired eyes in the morning? Simply apply some rose water to a cotton pad and place it on closed eyelids to reduce puffiness.

The water of the rose aids dry skin: Rose water hydrates the skin and can help make dry skin supple and radiant again.

Healing effect on eczema: The natural ingredients in rose water can help calm eczema and promote skin regeneration.

Makeup removal with rose water: Rose water is a gentle way to remove makeup while nourishing the skin.

Anti-aging with rose water: The antioxidant properties of rose water can help slow down skin aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose water for shiny hair: Rose water can also be applied to hair to promote shine and smoothness.

Discover the versatile uses of Meisma Rose Water and experience the natural beauty of the rose in your daily beauty routine! Treat yourself to the best from nature for your skin and hair.

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