Room fragrance

Room fragrance spray with natural lavender and grapefruit

Discover our exclusive room fragrance spray!

The Meisma room fragrance spray with natural lavender and grapefruit provides a fresh atmosphere. Since 1997, we have been welcoming clients to our renowned Ayurveda practice in Berlin, with their well-being always being our top priority. Our years of personal experience have inspired us to develop carefully selected fragrances for room scenting and refreshing.

Due to the recognition and satisfaction of our clients, we have decided to create this natural room fragrance to create a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in reception areas, living rooms, and bedrooms. Our room fragrance appeals especially to people looking for 100% natural and high-quality fragrances that blend subtly and unobtrusively into their surroundings. The unique formula of our room fragrance spray ensures that the scent dissipates after about 20-30 minutes, enriching the environment pleasantly without being overpowering.

Experience the care and expertise that goes into each of our products, and enjoy the subtle transformation of your spaces into oases of tranquility and refreshment.

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