Welcome to Meisma Massages

"Meisma" is a patented trademark for professional massages and body care products. The name stands for quality, serious applications and the highest therapeutic responsibility. Every massage is a commercial service and serves to promote health and maintain the health of the client. In no case can it replace medical measures.

In order to live your life in a healthy and strong way, body and mind must be in balance. For more than 25 years N. Pushpa Kumara has been working as a masseur and yoga teacher. A native of Sri Lanka, he has acquired many skills and has extended his professional knowledge day by day. Based on his experience, he has developed in the course of the years, his own massage method: The Meisma Massage. It has been successfully applied since the 1990s, and it combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic healing with the  knowledge of the modern world.

The Meisma Massage goes beyond traditional physical therapy massage techniques. The focus is set on the holistic treatment of the people. Physical and mental tension is released, stress is reduced, soul and body become aligned. Countless clients have experienced this special massage technique as a precious source of power to meet the challenges of work, family and everyday life.